Restore Our Nation to Greatness


“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”   — Thomas Jefferson

The mission of this site is to suggest that the United States of America needs to take radical action to restore it’s self to the Great Nation it has always been.

One of the primary, if not the most important, mandates of the federal government is to preserve the integrity of the union in accordance with the founding principles and as defined by the constitution.

Do It Here.US will propose and discuss the actions required to restore our nation to greatness and to restore the United States as the light and protector of the free world.

  1. Return our Nation to a nation governed by our founding principles.
  2. Put an end to oppressive taxation and regulation.
  3. Reduce the size, scope, scale and reach of the federal government.
  4. Attack the national debt by the aggressive trimming of wasteful spending and increasing revenue by way of unleashing the creative power of capitalism and free enterprise.
  5. Reverse the surrendering of our sovereignty to international entities.
  6. Expedite an aggressive and American-centric energy policy that brings the flow of wealth into the country.      **  Build The Keystone Pipeline Now!  **
  7. Close our borders to illegals. We are a nation of immigrants and we shall continue to welcome new immigrants . . . legal immigrants.
  8. Task our universities with discovering the next great transformational technologies.
  9. Bring manufacturing back to the United States and abandon the notion that we can remain a great and wealthy nation by remaking ourselves into a service economy.
  10. Restore the United States leadership in cutting edge science and technology.
  11. Restore NASA leadership including the manned exploration and expansion into space.

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