Free Enterprise and the Competitive Spirit

From Model Ts to iPads, Capitalism at work

The human speciesModel-T, like many species on the earth, are competitive by nature. The modern day competitive spirit is the survival instinct processed through centuries of culture and society. And as many would presume, the competitive spirit has been refined into many different forms.

The survival instinct, which allows successful species to flourish, is a great deal older and more hard wired then the refining influence of civilization.

Life made its debut on earth about two billion years ago with the emergence of some instances of bacteria and algae. And with this early life came the genetic material that codes the form and processes of life.  From about 430 million years ago the earthiPad was witness to rise of many new forms that included the first land plants and as early as 10 million years ago the earth became host to the first apelike men. Modern humans have roamed the earth for somewhere between the last 300,000 to 200,000 years. So we have about 2 billion years of genetic programming supporting the survival instinct with about the last 10 million years of encoding encapsulated into the various humanoid species.

Contrast the biological timelines with the timelines of civilization which historians have dated back between 7,000 and 5,000 years in places such as Mesopotamia and Egypt. The timelines of civilization make up a tiny fraction of the timelines associated with biology and the mechanisms of life.It follows that the survival instinct and the origin of the competitive spirit is a great deal older and more persistent then the latter refining influences brought to bear by the ever changing winds of civilization.

Therefore it is my belief that the economic systems of civilization that best incorporates the power of the competitive spirit into its laws and political structures are the systems that best serve the species as a whole. If it is part of human nature to create innovative competitors, it is far better to embrace our nature rather then to deny and suppress it.

This is why I believe our founding fathers incorporated capitalism and free enterprise into the founding principles of the United States of America.

Free enterprise and the mechanisms of capitalism allow the competitive genius of people like Henry Ford and Steve Jobs to pool wealth behind great ideas and transform the world we live in.

Take Henry Ford for instance, a man of great vision and perhaps a desire for wealth. Henry raises capital and creates a motorized vehicle for the masses and in that pursuit develops modern assembly line and mass production technology. In his successful race to become the first mass manufacture of motorized vehicles, Henry becomes fabulously wealthy. But what else did he accomplish in this process? Henry gave the common man flexible transportation and factories that would employ them thus allowing them to purchase automobiles and other modern day innovations. While amassing incredible wealth for him self, Henry introduced a technology that did more to empower the common man then government agencies can ever hope to accomplish.

The free enterprise system allows the competitive genius of entrepreneurs to achieve their life of dreams while simultaneously elevating the condition of the population. And the reason why this system is so effective is that our founding farther, a collection of some of the most brilliant minds in the art of governance, designed it to be that way.

The same story can be seen in modern times when looking at the competitive genius of Steve Jobs, a man who was innovating in the very beginning of the age of personal computers. Steve worked with his partner Steve Wozniak to bring the first practical personal computer into the market. Jobs kept right on innovating all the way to the creation of the iPad, a transformational IT Device that currently defies classification. This tablet device is a cross between a personal computer (PC) and a personal digital assistant (PDA) which works in real time by way of a continuous connection to the internet. The iPad is a new form of consumer electronics, with its ultra intuitive user interface, its massive collection of apps and a nearly endless array of server resources, the true power of this innovation has yet to be realized. Once again the power of the free enterprise system of economics has triumphed in creating a device for the delight and betterment of mankind.

So let us not kill the goose that laid the golden Egg. Choose freedom and free enterprise capitalism to be the system that allows the spark of creative genius to be realized as the tools of empowerment and the mechanisms of conveyance for our nation and for mankind.


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