US Energy Policy

The energy policy of the United States has been somewhere between non-existent and ridiculous. The leaders oOil Wellf the United States in conjunction with the leaders of the Unites States energy industry need to compose a comprehensive energy policy that will create a path to sustainable energy production for the present and the future.


The new energy policy should provide for an immediate Solar Panelsincrease in domestic energy production, reduce dependence on foreign oil, create jobs for Americans, increased tax revenue by way of increased production and generate more business for the American energy sector.

This new energy policy should encompass the “all of the above” approach when addressing our energy requirements. The comprehensive energy policy should include plans for the following issues and technologies.

  1. Traditional Fossil Fuels
  2. Renewable, Alternative and Green Energies (including Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Bio-fuels, others)
  3. Nuclear Energy
  4. Energy Infrastructure and the Smart Grid
  5. Economic Growth and Sustainability
  6. Future Energy Sources
  7. Future Energy Strategies

In future posts, I will be talking about all of the technologies, listed above, that should be part of our comprehensive energy policy.

Wind TurbineIn the worst economy since the great depression, we should create energy policy that is most compatible with economic recovery efforts. Traditional energy, I believe, is the segment of the new energy policy that will best create sustainable job growth in the energy industry.  Therefore I will start this discussion with my next post which will be about the role of Traditional Fossil Fuels in the creation of our new energy policy.

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