About DoItHere.US

USA-FlagThe purpose for the creation of DoItHere.US was to recommend ways to reverse the economic decline of the United States. In the short term, I hoped to discuss ways we could expand the industries that could rapidly contribute to our economic growth. In the long term, I had hoped to discuss ways we could move our nation in the direction of next generation transformational technologies that would provide the building block for our nations next great economy. It was and is my intention to call upon my fellow Americans to demand that our leaders take our country in the direction of a prosperous, exciting and adventurous future. To create a future so bright and free that we would once again lead the world into a better age.

By the time I was ready to launch my sight, however, our nation was in the the final month of the 2012 presidential election cycle. Because it was my belief that the current administration would never create any policy that would support the recovery initiatives I was suggesting, I found myself engaging in more of the current political arguments, then of my original intention of focusing on the restorative initiatives themselves.

I hope to get back to discussing specific initiatives to reverse our decline and restore our nation to greatness. I believe either of the major political parties could adopt policy that would restore the United States, but I feel there is little evidence that the current administration has any intention of adopting the policies required for the rapid restoration of our great nation.

I will now return to writing about attitudes, policies and initiatives that I believe would help get our nation back on track and I will try to avoid the direct referencing of specific political parties as much as possible. Our nation is graced with the potential and the resources to continue the great experiment that became our great nation. We should do the things that elevate and free the spirit and we should Do It Here in the United States of America.

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