Wealth and Prosperity

What are the Building Blocks for Wealth and Prosperity?

Reduced to thWealtheir essence, wealth and prosperity are the result of an ever increasing demand for finished goods. The four building blocks to create wealth and prosperity are the demand for finished goods, the natural resources which provide the raw materials, the energy required for production, and the human creative spirit to imagine and create the vast cornucopia of things people want and need.

Now that we are in a great national recession and part of a great world recession, let’s look at how a nation may approach aspects of wealth and prosperity.

How can the United States help restore the flow of wealth to its organizations and its people? The governing institutions can have, if they choose, a large positive affect on three of the four building blocks and have a significant effect on the fourth component.

MoneyFirst we need to make a friendly environment for the harvest of natural resources. Ease of obtaining permits, reduced regulation and research initiatives for the discovery of future natural resource reserves. There can be regulatory and environmental considerations, but they can not be hostile or repressive to the effect of bringing the harvesting of resources to a crawl or a stand still. Continue reading

Decline by Design

Decline by Design – Will We Lose Our Nation through Attrition?

An individual, a businesTime is Running Outs or a nation has to reach beyond what is perceived as achievable or even possible in order to realize innovation and prosperity. The mindset that a nation can go beyond perceived barriers and access limitless undiscovered and untapped wealth is the mindset that powers a nation’s future. In contrast, the present day United States and much of the world are moving into the future with a mindset of limits, scarcity and creative poverty. Many future publications, including the Global 2025 report, have predicted a future with the United States in decline and thus being eclipsed by China and other projected rising nations.

This Global 2025 document was prepared by The National Intelligence Council (NIC). The National Intelligence Council is the Intelligence Community’s center for midterm and long-term strategic thinking. If all of our up and coming policy makers are crafting policy relative to the premise of our nation’s inevitable decline, we are evermore likely to experience this decline as a self fulfilling prophecy. Where is the companion document US Blue Print for sustained global pre-eminence for the next century”? When there seems to be a consensus for an undesirable outcome, how can we hope to overcome that outcome without implementing a counter plan and call to action. Continue reading