Post Election Analysis (Short Version)

Democratic Socialists of AmericaIn the November 2012 presidential election, I believe the people of the United States made a choice to move away from our founding principles and personal liberty and move towards collectivism in a way similar to the European socialist nations. I also believe the voters, unknowingly, moved us closer to globalism, where our leaders are slowly but steadily surrendering bits of our sovereignty to world organizations like the United Nations.

The current political environment will lend to a rapid expansion of government that will increase our debt, raise our taxes and continue to squeeze our free market economy. It is the ever expanding size of government that is the core threat to our way of life. The founders were very careful to give the federal government a limited role because they knew the risks of a government expanding out of control. Such is the case now. How can anyone look at the National debt at 16 trillion and climbing, demand for more revenue in the form of higher taxes and the massive expansion of government programs, and not believe that our federal government is expanding out of control.

The balance that our founders incorporated into our founding documents was the balance between personal liberty and federal power. Now that government is once again rapidly expanding in size, scope and reach, we will need to change our voting behavior or we will find our liberties and our national treasure dwindling away.

United States: Economic Crisis

The United States U.S. Federal Debtis in an economic crisis. This economic crisis is one of the worst, if not the worst, in our nation’s history. There were complex factors in play for many years that contributed to the creation of this crisis. There are, however, just a few bold moves that can reverse the trend thus preventing a economic catastrophe.

The leaders of our great nation, must cut federal spending while increasing federal revenue without raising taxes. So we need a leader with the courage to set a target of federal spending cuts, as a percentage of GDP, and cut nonessential programs and bureaucratic overhead until the target spending cuts have been achieved. Our economic crisis is a federal emergency, so these cuts should be swift and decisive.

Then our leaders need to create substantial increases in federal revenue without raising taxes. This can be accomplished by unleashing our nation’s energy industry. The federal government needs to deregulate and promote the production of natural gas, petroleum and coal. The federal government can accomplish this by fast tracking permits for energy production on federal lands while providing incentive to start that production in the very near term.

This quick and simple strategy would put millions of people back to work while producing the federal revenue required to address our nation’s crushing debt. The vast migration of the unemployed back into the work force would provide great relief for the depressed housing market.

The national debt, the employment situation and the depressed housing market sustains our economic crisis and rises to level of a national emergency. If we are to rise to the challenge of this emergency, bold initiatives must be implemented in months, not years. Otherwise the economic crisis will degrade into a catastrophe. An economic catastrophe, would result in a crippled declining economy that would last for decades. Such a crippled economy would produce long term pain, misery and desperation for the middle class and would be absolutely devastating for the underclass as upward mobility would grind to a standstill.

There is only one team that has anywhere near the experience to turn this grim situation around. That team is the Mitt Romney – Paul Ryan team. Mitt has extensive experience flipping large failing organizations into success stories and Paul Ryan has unmatched expertise in the mechanisms of our national economy. We may have only one more shot at preventing our economic crisis from turning into a national disaster.

Choose to stand to the challenge.

Choose to Restore the United States of America.

Cast your votes for smaller government, less federal spending and serious federal debt reduction policy.