United States: National Debt

The national debt is the single greatest threat to our national security as well as it is a threat to our national economy. When our national debt is as large as it is today, it threatens the very sustainability of the United States. As you can see, I have the real-time national debt counter running on all of the pages of this blog. My reason for displaying the debt counter is that I believe the national debt is the current greatest threat to our way of life. As you can see from the counter, our gross national debt is over 16 trillion dollars.

How big is 16 trillion? Let’s compare dollars to inches, with each dollar bill being 6 inches long. If we were to put the dollars end to end, our trail of dollars would stretch past the planet Saturn and would reach most of the way to Uranus.

The gross national debt is only a small portion of the total debt that threatens our nation. The total national debt which includes household, business, state and local governments, financial institutions, and the federal government come to over 58 trillion. [See US Debt Clock]

We also have our unfunded liabilities (social security; medicare; prescription drugs {medicare part D}) and they come to a total of 121 trillion dollars. [See US Debt Clock] So when we add our total national debt to our unfunded liabilities . . . . . well . . . we have run out of solar system and we are headed out into deep space.

Solving the Debt Calamity: See: United States: Economic Crisis