US Energy Policy: Building the Smart Energy Grid

smart energy grid

In order to maximize the efficiency of power distribution in the United States we need to build a high technology smart energy grid and the creation of this grid should be part of our the US energy policy. There are so many advantages to building this new smart grid, that I would recommend some kind of a catalyst for implementing the specification phase of this project as soon as possible.

One of the most important reasons for building such a grid is to secure our electrical grid form foreign attack and domestic terrorism. The current grid is vulnerable to both physical and cyber attacks. If an enemy, could disrupt the energy output from a few key power generating facilities in a coordinated and timed attack, they could initiate a rolling black out that could bring down large sectors of our electrical grid. The smart grid would prevent this possibility in the same way that that DARPA net minimized the threat of losing defense communications during a potential attack on our country. This is accomplished by intelligent switching stations, that can reroute power, in real time, to prevent rolling black outs if and when part of the grid were to crash. Using the same methodology, power transmission could be stabilized and routed to critical facilities during an emergency.

The second major reason and advantage for building the smart energy grid is that the smart grid can save a great amount of energy cost by minimizing the need and usage of peak time power generation facilities. Prolonged  heat waves, for example, can result in an excessive power demands from the overheated  portions of the country. In a case like this, the unexpected demand for air conditioning would create a peak demand situation where grid power would have to be supplemented by peek power generation facilities. The smart grid reduces the need for peak power by routing power, in real time, from locations  where the energy demand is less then the their normal everyday power requirements. The smart grid would also allow for the buying, borrowing, selling or lending  energy with our friends such as Canada to help accommodate  energy demand fluctuations. The overall result would be less energy generated and fewer peak power stations for any given energy demand requirement.

My third reason for recommending the smart grid is the acceleration of green energy development. This concept would allow the intelligent advancement of  of alternative energy development and implementation without the need of forcing these new technologies onto the energy marketplace. The smart grid would have the potential to allow private sector and consumer energy users to sell power back to the grid in real time. The energy user would install a smart grid certified device at their location that would hook up to their computer (or dedicated smart user interface ) and their electrical system. This interface would allow electricity users to negotiate an arrangement for selling surplus power to the grid. Incentives to energy users might be used to encourage the purchase of clean renewable energy generation hardware that would be connected to the  smart grid. I am going to further develop this concept of advancing clean energy technology through a smart grid interface in my upcoming articles on alternative energy.

In conclusion, the design and implementation of a smart energy grid would advance the economy of energy distribution by improving efficiency, integration and security within our nations energy operations.

US Energy Policy: Fossil Fuels

Without an aggressive, Oil Wellintelligent, and practical energy policy the United States will wither and decline.The lifeblood of all nations on our planet is energy. If a nation were to be personified as a person, energy would be our food, our water and our air. Without food water and air the body will die and without a steady flow of energy, nations will die.

Make energy our first initiative. We have a lot of energy resources. We have a lot of expertise in energy technology. We need a lot of energy. The rest of the world needs a lot of energy. And – we – need – to – put – a – lot – of – people – back – to – work. Energy could be the leading industry to expand our work force while reducing our bleeding of American wealth to foreign energy producers.

Because putting Americans back to work is the first step to our climb back to prosperity, I favor an approach that sets the economic aspect of our energy policy as the highest precedence in the formulation of a new comprehensive energy policy. Eighty five percent of our total energy consumption comes from petroleum, natural gas and coal. That means that eighty five percent of our energy producing technology and infrastructure is structured around petroleum, natural gas and coal. Our first goal should be to greatly increase the United States’ production of these resources. I am proposing that we fast track permits for all aspects of natural gas, petroleum and coal production. All infrastructure projects, such as the Keystone Pipeline, should also be fast tracked as soon as possible. This strategy would put the energy and construction sectors back to work, would move us towards energy independence and would greatly reduce the flow of American wealth to overseas energy suppliers.

As we continue to ramp up the nation’s energy industry, our next goal will be toNatural Gas make the United States and our friends in the American continents the world’s leading “cartel”  in energy production. This new energy alliance will shift the heart beat of the energy industry back to the Americas and will establish the United States as the leader of this new alliance. An alliance like this could counter any threats of cutting oil flow from potential overseas adversaries, would give us a say in pricing strategies and generally add to our security by having more control over global energy flow.


Call on your cCoalongressional representatives and tell them to put America back to work by unleashing our energy industry. Tell congress we want increased domestic production in natural gas, petroleum and coal. And tell your representatives that America needs the construction of all segments of the Keystone Pipeline to commence immediately.

US Energy Policy

The energy policy of the United States has been somewhere between non-existent and ridiculous. The leaders oOil Wellf the United States in conjunction with the leaders of the Unites States energy industry need to compose a comprehensive energy policy that will create a path to sustainable energy production for the present and the future.


The new energy policy should provide for an immediate Solar Panelsincrease in domestic energy production, reduce dependence on foreign oil, create jobs for Americans, increased tax revenue by way of increased production and generate more business for the American energy sector.

This new energy policy should encompass the “all of the above” approach when addressing our energy requirements. The comprehensive energy policy should include plans for the following issues and technologies.

  1. Traditional Fossil Fuels
  2. Renewable, Alternative and Green Energies (including Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Bio-fuels, others)
  3. Nuclear Energy
  4. Energy Infrastructure and the Smart Grid
  5. Economic Growth and Sustainability
  6. Future Energy Sources
  7. Future Energy Strategies

In future posts, I will be talking about all of the technologies, listed above, that should be part of our comprehensive energy policy.

Wind TurbineIn the worst economy since the great depression, we should create energy policy that is most compatible with economic recovery efforts. Traditional energy, I believe, is the segment of the new energy policy that will best create sustainable job growth in the energy industry.  Therefore I will start this discussion with my next post which will be about the role of Traditional Fossil Fuels in the creation of our new energy policy.