Post Election Analysis (Short Version)

Democratic Socialists of AmericaIn the November 2012 presidential election, I believe the people of the United States made a choice to move away from our founding principles and personal liberty and move towards collectivism in a way similar to the European socialist nations. I also believe the voters, unknowingly, moved us closer to globalism, where our leaders are slowly but steadily surrendering bits of our sovereignty to world organizations like the United Nations.

The current political environment will lend to a rapid expansion of government that will increase our debt, raise our taxes and continue to squeeze our free market economy. It is the ever expanding size of government that is the core threat to our way of life. The founders were very careful to give the federal government a limited role because they knew the risks of a government expanding out of control. Such is the case now. How can anyone look at the National debt at 16 trillion and climbing, demand for more revenue in the form of higher taxes and the massive expansion of government programs, and not believe that our federal government is expanding out of control.

The balance that our founders incorporated into our founding documents was the balance between personal liberty and federal power. Now that government is once again rapidly expanding in size, scope and reach, we will need to change our voting behavior or we will find our liberties and our national treasure dwindling away.

Free Enterprise and the Competitive Spirit

From Model Ts to iPads, Capitalism at work

The human speciesModel-T, like many species on the earth, are competitive by nature. The modern day competitive spirit is the survival instinct processed through centuries of culture and society. And as many would presume, the competitive spirit has been refined into many different forms.

The survival instinct, which allows successful species to flourish, is a great deal older and more hard wired then the refining influence of civilization.

Life made its debut on earth about two billion years ago with the emergence of some instances of bacteria and algae. And with this early life came the genetic material that codes the form and processes of life.  From about 430 million years ago the earthiPad was witness to rise of many new forms that included the first land plants and as early as 10 million years ago the earth became host to the first apelike men. Modern humans have roamed the earth for somewhere between the last 300,000 to 200,000 years. So we have about 2 billion years of genetic programming supporting the survival instinct with about the last 10 million years of encoding encapsulated into the various humanoid species.

Contrast the biological timelines with the timelines of civilization which historians have dated back between 7,000 and 5,000 years in places such as Mesopotamia and Egypt. The timelines of civilization make up a tiny fraction of the timelines associated with biology and the mechanisms of life. Continue reading